Xianmihu, Llc is an American company, formed by a multidisciplinary team, most of them of Spanish nationality and whose corporate purpose is the development of sports activities through the Internet.

The company owns some starups, always related to the world of sports, with the aim of creating quality content that can reach a mass audience, based on one of the key points of the company's policy, which is none other than to boost the teaching of sectors such as soccer.

why toplidercoach.com?

Toplídercoach.com, is owned by Xianmihu, Llc and was born from the idea of bringing the best content to soccer coaches around the world. Today, in a globalized world, the information we have about the methodology of different coaches, through the viewing of videos, computer tools, and above all, contacts within the clubs, which allow us to know the working method of the coaches, allows us to have the idea of getting that content to most of the world's coaches.

This content, which has a practically incalculable value, as a company policy, we have decided to bring it to the majority of trainers, for a really moderate price, so as not to prevent the knowledge of the work of these great technicians to be universalized.

who is the toplidercoach.com team?

For this project, the company was clear that the team that would develop the product in terms of content had to be linked to the world of soccer. The idea was to bring together two work teams, 

a) top-level coaches who could develop content, structure it, and give it meaning. These coaches should have contacts at the highest level, and know the working methodology of elite coaches.

b) diseñadores e informáticos que fuesen capaces de dar forma a ese contenido, de forma gráfica y atractiva. Un equipo de  creadores jovenes, que aportasen las ideas principales en el «envoltorio» del producto.

do you want to work with us?

If you are coach soccer, or you have a degree in the fields of programming, graphic design or computer, you can send us your resume to value it.We are looking for people motivated by their work, no age limit, and eager to contribute their knowledge....

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